A Tight Leash

lick shoe

I have a slave.  This is not news as I’ve written about him often.  The problem is, he is a bad slave.  I’m a very nice girl.  Being mean or domineering is not my nature but when a man proclaims himself “Slave of Mistress Brittney” I have certain expectations of him.

As my slave, he should visit me often and bring small tokens of appreciation.  He should make sure my shoes are clean…with his tongue.  He should never come by unannounced.  I need to know ahead of time when he is coming and if he says he is coming at a certain hour, I expect him to arrive on time.  It is my job to belittle him, to dress him up in lace and make him my servant.  Most importantly, it is my job to always be control.  He is the Sub and as the Dom I get to toy with him.  But he toys with me and that is unacceptable.

He shows up unannounced.  He offers to come lick my shoes clean and bring me candy then he goes MIA for a month.  He knows which nights I work and he knows he must make an appointment if he wants to see me but he doesn’t.  He just shows up at random times and texts me, “I was looking for you but you weren’t there.”

Since my slave is not doing a very good job of fulfilling his role, I’ve been searching for a new one.  I wish I could put an ad in the newspaper.  It would say, “Fun-loving stripper with very dirty shoes seeks submissive slave man, only serious inquiries please”.  I doubt the local paper would let me publish it.

I had just purchased a dog collar and leash to add to my collection when I met Rob.  Rob didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be into handcuffs and being called “bitch boy” but he was friendly and easy to talk to.  I never would have brought up the slave thing if he hadn’t asked.  “You should dominate me next time” he said.  He’d read my blog and really enjoyed the stories I’d written about my slave.

“Sure” I said.

For days and days the anticipation built.  By this point, he’d agreed to wear the dog collar.  Then he asked if we could bring my friend, Samantha with us.  He threw around ideas about us making each other jealous and dominating each other.  He seemed very open minded and unsure of exactly what he wanted to do.  So, I decided to just wait until the day came to see what kind of mood he was in.

Personally, I am not dominant by nature nor am I submissive.  I am playful and open minded so I tend to like switching things up.  However, I suppose all that talk about him wanting to wear the dog collar had me a little more prepared to jump into the dom role.

The night Rob came in to see us, the three of us sat at the bar talking for a while.  When it was my turn to go on stage, I saw that the two of them were talking but didn’t know what about.  Right before going to the champagne room, I could see that Samantha had something on her mind.  I said I had to run to my locker to get my bag (which I did) and she excused herself to go to the ladies’ room.

“He wants me to be really mean to you and I don’t think I can do it” Sam said, with tears in her eyes.

“It’s ok” I said.  “Just do it.  I know it’s not how you really feel.”

“I don’t know.  He wants me to be meaner to you than I think I can be.”

I pulled the bag with the handcuffs, the whip, and the dog leash and collar out of my locker and locked it up.  “It’s okay.  Just be an actress.  You can do it.”

“Are you sure?”


We met Rob in the champagne room and once the curtain was closed, my friend, Sam became a different woman.  She shed no more tears.  She stood straight and tall and told me I was only second best.  Rob watched as she put me down with carefully chosen words.

“You can just watch.  He’s all mine” she said as she danced on his lap.  “You’re just the dog.  Put on your collar”.

I strapped the collar on in disbelief.  I was all for trying something new but in my head, I kept thinking How the Hell did I end up wearing the dog collar?!!!  I sat on the seat cushion beside Rob.  Samantha held the leash and said, “No.  You sit on the floor and watch.”

I crouched down the floor, imagining all the potential stains that could be there.  I stayed in a crouched position while they called me the dog and made me watch their lap dance.  “Her turn, now” Rob said, and motioned for me to get into his lap.

As I danced for him, his eyes lit up.  The corners of his mouth started to turn upward.

“Don’t look in his eyes” Sam instructed.

“I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Rob, don’t look at her!”

“It’s ok” he said.  “I want her to stay for a while.”

The rest of our dance was a back and forth between the two of us, then both of us on his lap, me on one side while Samantha leaned back into him.  I looked at her and for a moment, took her all in.  She was always so sweet as well as being a sultry, sensual temptress.  But for the duration of our champagne court, she was every bit as mean as she didn’t think she could be.  I was so proud of her.  She would later apologize to me profusely but for now, she was Mean Mistress Samantha.

She and I had both gone into this expecting to play much different roles.  While I’m not truly a dom nor am I a sub, I know that if I had to pick, I would always choose the dominant role.  Samantha is an articulate woman who’s been exposed to culture and always leads with kindness.  Her pleasant, sweet ways are her most prominent feature.  What our new friend, Rob, did, is take us both out of our comfort zones.  At first, he was excited about being dominated but in the end, he took the lead role and assigned to us ours.  It was a fun experience albeit a slightly uncomfortable one.  But it sure does make for a good story!

I hope my slave doesn’t stumble upon this.  He may never shine my shoes again!



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