Ladies Night

man heels

One night, when I was tending bar at the strip club, a man walked in wearing a skirt.  He had on a long, blonde wig as well, a little black purse, and a pair of high heels.  This man looked as far from feminine as Ron Jeremy would if he wore a dress.

This person walked up to the bar and asked if the entertainers here offered private dances.  I gave him the prices and asked if he’d ever been here before.  He said, “No, I don’t come out much because I feel embarrassed coming out to look at women”.

I said, “Don’t be embarrassed.  We love to be looked at…..Would you like me to find you an entertainer to dance with?

He said he’d like that, so I set him up with a dancer who was willing.

After they were finished, a few of the girls ran over to ask her questions like, “Did it have a dick?” And “What was that like?”

While this was taking place, one dancer who happened to be pretty drunk, immediately ran up to the customer as soon as he was free.  They went down for couch dances and a few songs later, the guy clacked his way out the door on his shiny, red heels.  The girl who last went down with him came upstairs freaking out.  “She had a dick!”  She slammed her open palms down on the bar.  Her face looked a couple shades whiter and her eyes were wide with shock.  “I can’t believe it!  It scared the shit of me!”

I was confused.  “But all the men we dance with have dicks.  Why did this one scare you?”

“Because I had no idea that was a man!  It surprised me!”

I calmly smiled at her and said, “I think maybe you should cut down on the drinking a little”.



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